Adina Akbik

Senior Assistant Professor of European Politics


I am Senior Assistant Professor of European Politics at Leiden University (Institute of Political Science) and Affiliate Fellow at the Hertie School in Berlin. My research focuses on European Union (EU) governance and policy from both a political science and a public administration perspective. My recent work examines the enforcement powers of EU agencies and political accountability in EU economic governance. Previously, I researched drivers of behavior and role perceptions in EU decision-making. Theoretically, I draw on different bodies of literature borrowed from policy studies, new institutionalism in political science, and international relations. In terms of policy areas, I specialize in economic and financial affairs as well as migration and internal security.

In 2023, I was awarded a Starting Grant by the European Research Council for a project studying the role of cultural stereotypes in EU governance. You can read more about the project here.

Prior to joining Leiden University in 2021, I worked as a postdoc at the Hertie School in Berlin and completed my PhD in Political Science at the Central European University in Budapest (2016).

On a personal note, I am an avid reader of fantasy and crime novels, a Trekkie, a Zumba dancer, and a musical theater enthusiast. I live in The Hague with my husband and our two cats.

Confused about my surname? In 2022, I decided for personal reasons to change my surname to ‘Akbik’, which in academia is an unusual if not self-undermining career choice. You can thus find my publications under the names ‘A. Maricut’, ‘A. Maricut-Akbik’, and ‘A. Akbik.’ I plan to stick to the latter, but when in doubt, you are welcome to call me Adina in both email and in-person interactions.


Institute of Political Science

Leiden University

Wijnhaven Campus, The Hague

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